How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group?

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Fitness is the new fashion. Just like quality and quantity go hand in hand, there is an arising question of the ideal training volume that is just accurate to achieve results in lesser duration of time.

Need for right training volume:

Do you feel that you are working too aggressively but are still not able to make up to the mark? Let us try to help you with the right information about the adequate exercises required per muscle group that is independent of the fact that you have just started your weight lifting training or are a seasoned professional.

How many exercises per muscle group?

There is no one specific set of exercises per muscle group that fits for all of the individuals. The basic two goals for any individual are muscle strength and muscle growth.

In case you are looking for muscle growth, you can go more to a variety of exercises concentrating on your muscle group while reducing the number of sets and reps.

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group

On the other hand, if you are looking for muscle strength, you can go for larger sets and reps while can significantly reduce options in muscle group exercises.

Let us have a quick look at the basic key numbers.


If you want to concentrate on the growth of muscles, the increased number of reps in your sets decreases the number of sets required in your training.

You can choose between the daily exercises based on your goal of muscle strength or muscle growth, keeping the number of reps as same only.

  • It is generally said that on an average, you can do 40-150 total reps per muscle group in a week to improve your muscle growth and strength.
  • To gain strength, you can choose between 20-30 reps per exercise per workout to 50 reps.
  • To gain muscle growth according to your goal, a maximum of 40 reps per exercise per workout yields positive results.


The frequency of sets for muscle growth and muscle strength is also different.

  • To gain strength, 2-3 sets per exercise per workout prove beneficial for the beginners.
  • To gain strength, experienced lifters can go for 10+ sets per exercise per week in improving strength.
  • To gain muscle growth to achieve your goals, 10+ sets per exercise per week are sufficient.

Size of muscle group:

You cannot expect similar results over biceps, triceps, and your lats and pecs. The choice of numbers of sets and reps is largely dependent on the concentrated muscle group.


You do not need to be an expert, to understand the science behind the right training volume for your muscle strength and muscle growth. However, there are some ground rules:

  • No single training schedule yields the same results for different individuals.
  • The response of your body also depends on whether you are an amateur or a professional in training.
  • Number and type both are equally essential.

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