Can Being Sexually Frustrated Cause Acne?

Sexual health is one of the most important parts of human health. It has a direct link to the physical and mental health of a person irrespective of your gender. Sadly, nobody openly discusses on taboo subjects like sex. There is a strong need for awareness on the same especially when you start facing problems that are resultant or somehow linked to your sexual health.

Sexually frustrated?

Do you feel sexually frustrated? Do you know the exact definition of sexual frustration?  It is simply a frustration caused due to inadequate sexual activity. Just like you feel frustrated when your favorite football player is not able to score the goal, the feeling of dissatisfaction when you are not able to achieve what you were looking for in your sexual life is termed as sexual frustration.

It is a form of frustration and is lesser discussed as it is related to sexual activity. People feel shy to discuss their sex life as compared to the frustration caused at the office, frustration caused y relatives, etc.

Causes of sexual frustration?

Sexual frustration can be caused due to various physical, emotional, mental, or even social problems. Sex is the natural need of the human body and if you are depriving your body of active sex life due to any of the reasons, it is supposed to create frustration to you.

Link of sexual frustration and acne:

The proven link of sexual health and acne is that during puberty, teenagers bloom with acne that is due to the hormonal changes going on in their bodies. People restrict their social activity when they feel low-esteem due to acne on their face. This, in turn, causes lesser social interactions and thus reduced sexual activity.

Acne is actually related to frustration and is not directly related to sexual frustration in specific. When you are frustrated or stressed out, you need to buckle-up yourself. Likewise, longer periods of frustration have adverse effects on human immune systems that are similar to the situation that enemies start attacking our borders when our soldiers are not on duty.

Acnes are multifactor. There is no single cause of a particular type of acne. However, position of acne on your face can indicate its cause. Generally, acnes are caused due to hormonal imbalances, reactions or allergies to certain products, repeated use of harsh cosmetic products, and increased stress levels as well.

Our skin is the mirror of our body. A healthy and glowing skin indicates that our body is healthy internally. A skin loaded with acne calls for special care to the body but does not certainly mean that the reason is the sexual frustration of the person.


There is no proven evidence that sexually frustrated people are more likely to have acne. Acne and sexual frustration both are independent problems. There should be equal care to both of the problems. Being sexually frustrated increases the stress levels in the human body that can indirectly cause a spike in acne.

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