Volume Pills Review – Side Effects and Results (Must Read)

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For most people, everyday life is not sufficient to be happy. They want a happy sexual life along with their daily life. Some men face problems in the erection of a large volume of semen from their penis. There are a lot of male enhancement pills in the market, which claims to increase the volume of semen and improve sexual performance.

There are many similar male enhancement pills in the market, which can increase the stamina and make the erections harder, longer, and faster. But do you know that these medicines can be very harmful to your health? The medication can cause side effects on your health, so it is very crucial to choose the right supplement.

Most of the men are worried about their fertility and health. Many survey and reports have shown that women are more satisfied with the men who ejaculate more semen. So if you notice also change that is unusual, never ignore it. Sperm is more than a bodily fluid. The colour, quantity and consistency can affect men’s health.

So how to choose the best male enhancement supplements? Here we have the best male enhancement supplement, which is made up of natural ingredients and is safe for your health. The product can increase the volume of semen and can improve the stamina. Let us discuss more his product in detail.

What are Volume Pills?

Volume pills are the male enhancement pills that can increase the sperm volume and improve sexual performance. These pills are for the ones who are facing problems in their sexual life. The number of sperms produced by your body shows how strong your reproductive system is; if you make more sperms means you have a sound reproductive system.

Volume Pills

Also, the men who can produce more semen are the ones who better able to produce a child, so many men wish to have a larger semen volume. Volume Pills is a best male enhancement pills that can increase the semen volume and give you bigger loads, that gets you better intense orgasms. Volume Pills was made by the company Leading Edge Health and was first marketed in 2003. The ingredients of the product are natural and do not have any harmful components.

How does Volume Pills work?

So, you may be having a question in your mind that how these pills work? These pills contain natural ingredients which are safe and secure. These natural herbs and other vitamins help to boost the male reproductive system. The pills help in bigger and harder erection with a good volume of semen.

If you take these pills regularly, then it can increase the sperm count and can improve sexual performance. The pills also improve the level of testosterone that causes the body’s dependence. The product has amino acids and peptides that help to improve the men’s strength and increase the stamina. During the erection, the volume of sperms must be between 3ml to 5ml. If your sperm volume is less than this, then you should take these pills regularly.

Ingredients in Volume Pills

The ingredients in the product are safe and natural. These pills help to improve your reproductive system and give you a happy sexual life. Let us discuss the ingredients in Volume Pills:

  1. Zinc: Zinc is a crucial ingredient which can produce quality sperm. Zinc helps to increase the volume of semen. Each pill has 24mg of Zinc. Zinc is a powerful ingredient which is used in most infertility treatments. If a person has a deficiency of Zinc it can result in low testosterone levels.
  2. Emblica Officinalis: Emblica Officinalis is a very powerful ingredient which is also known as Indian Gooseberry. This ingredient has vitamin C and other essential vitamins. It helps in improving the quality and volume of sperms.
  3. Hong Hua Fen: It is also a very powerful ingredient which is used in male enhancement formulas. The components help to increase the movement of the sperms.
  4. Tian Men Dong: This ingredient is also known as Chinese asparagus. It has nutritive roots which relax and dilate the blood vessels. When the penis gets more blood, then this will result in bigger and harder erections.
  5. Dong Chong Xia Cao: The ingredient has historical meaning in the northern part of India. It has helped a lot in traditional medicines for centuries to erectile infertility and dysfunction. It is a very vital ingredient that can improve libido and sexual health.
  6. San Guo Mu: It is also a potent supplement which has been used for thousands of years. It can cure people suffering from cardiovascular problems and chest pain. It allows to freely flow the blood to the penis to help in an easy erection.

Pros and Cons of Volume Pills

If you are facing any problem in your sexual life and are not able to produce enough semen, then this product can give you new hope. It can increase sperm volume and improves sexual activity. Even coin has two sides, so there are some adverse effects of this product. Let us discuss the pros and cons of the product.


  1. It can strengthen your cardiovascular system.
  2. It helps in reducing the risk of premature ejaculation.
  3. It helps in relaxing the blood vessels and make it easier to get blood into your penis.
  4. The pills help in harder, faster, and stronger erections.
  5. Also, it helps to produce more powerful orgasms that help in fertility.
  6. It increases the fertility rate and increases sperm volume and sexual performance.
  7. The product has 100% natural ingredients that are safe and secure.
  8. The ingredients are very powerful, which increase your Libido and gives strong sexual desire.
  9. It helps the movement of the sperm easier from the testes and allows you to ejaculate more.
  10. It also increases stamina and energy.


There is no doubt that the product has natural ingredients and which are safe for your body. But still, sometimes it can cause some side effects depending on the body. The negative effects of these pills are:

  1. It can cause Vomiting sensation and constipation
  2. It can cause bloating of stomach
  3. It can increase digestive acids
  4. It can cause allergic issues.

These were the side effects of the product. Also, the product is quite expensive and takes time to work on some men.

Where to buy Volume Pills?

You can buy volume pills on any it’s official website. The product is also available on different networking sites. But it is always recommended to purchase the product only from the official website to prevent any scams. Also, if you buy the product from its official website, then you will get many discounts and offers which are not available on other websites.

Also, the price of the product reduces if you are buying in bulk. It saves a lot of money. The best thing is if you are buying from the official website, you will get the correct and fixed price for the product, which can be more on other websites.

Volume Pills Price

The price of the product is different as per the packages. There are different costs for different packages, and you can buy as per your need. The price of the starter pack is $65 for one month, whereas the retail price of the product is $79.95. So this way you are saving $14.95. The price for the two months’ supply is $110, whereas the retail price of the package is $159. So you are saving $49.90. The cost of three months’ supply is around $160.00, whereas the retail price is $239.85. So in this package, you are saving $79.85.

The cost of the gold package, which is for six months is around $250.00, whereas the retail price is $479.90. So you are saving $229.70 in this package. The cost of the platinum package which is for 12 months is around $348.85, whereas the retail price is $959.40 and you are saving $610.45 in this package. If you are buying the gold package and the platinum package, then you will get a lot of gifts which includes gift cards and membership which cost $125.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations about Volume Pills

There are a lot of happy customers of these products. They have given their feedback on different social media platforms. According to most of the customers, the product has helped them in increasing sperm volume and stamina. Many customers have liked the product because it contains natural ingredients which do not cause any harmful effect on health.

However, some rare men have faced some side effects because of the product. Many customers have stated that the product has changed their lives, and now they are more satisfied and happy in their sexual life. Most of the customers had highly recommended this product and said that they tried a lot of products before, but they were not as effective as much as this product.

Final Verdict:

So the product is beneficial and can help to load with length orgasm. The product can give you a happy sexual life. The best part of the product is that it has natural ingredients and are tested that won’t harm your health. Volume Pills can increase stamina and muscular power. There are a lot of happy customers of this product which has changed their lives.

Also, we always advise you to buy the product only from the official website to avoid any scams. We also recommend you to buy this product as soon as possible because it many get out of stock because of its demand. We are sure the product will work and will not disappoint you.

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