MindInSole Review – The Real Truth Revealed! (Must Read)

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Our feet have the sole responsibility of carrying our entire body weight. To perform the functions properly and to ensure mobility to our body, each foot is made up of an intricate combination of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons, 107 ligaments, and more than 8000 nerves. That gives our feet an immense power and makes it one of the most extremely performing external body organs.

The extreme structure calls for high-level care as well. Have you heard people saying that when you met some unknown person, they try to judge you from your feet only? Well, it is way deeper than finding good footwear for you.

In addition to this several chronic problems like raised blood sugar levels harm foot health. To care for feet properly, you must choose the best comfortable footwear and combine it with proper foot health routines like massage, etc.

How many of us have not experienced foot pain that arises out of a hectic day, prolonged standing, or due to an old injury? A foot pain further develops pain in the back, knee joints, etc. Feet pains must never be ignored and should be cured immediately. MindInSole is one such product that has professional expertise in relieving foot pains.

What is MindInSole?

MindInSole is specially designed insoles that can be worn inside your footwear. They have proven efficiency in treating sore backs and stiff joints. MindInSole is simple cushions to your foot that creates a barrier between the pressure points that are responsible for foot pain. It is transparent in color so that you can wear it along with your footwear easily and comfortably.


Have you heard that healing starts from inside? In the case of the foot, with the use of a high-end product like MindInSole you are healing your body starting from outside and its effects reach inside very efficiently as well.

The key reason for the popularity of MindInSole is that you can massage your foot whenever you are walking. It has specifically designed magnetic chakras according to the acupuncture points present over different parts on the foot.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

So what is inside MindInSole? Unlike many other specialized foot healing products, MindInSole has simple yet effective construction that uses the basics to heal our overall health. Let us have a quick check at the key points:

  • MindInSole is designed by a leading traditional Chinese medicine practitioner that has expertise in foot main management.
  • It is made of breathable material that is transparent in color.
  • It is universal in size and can be trimmed easily to fit your foot size. It is ideal for foot sizes of 6-12 for men and 7-12 for women.
  • It has 12 large acupoints that provide support to the body’s core and foot’s arch.
  • It has 120 medium acupoints that help in stimulation reflexes in the foot.
  • It has 270 small acupoints that are responsible for promoting nutrient-rich pure blood flow in the body.
  • In addition to all of the acupoints as mentioned above, MindInSole has 5 magnets that are placed at different positions to relieve different pains. They are placed as under:
  • The upper magnet is directed towards the chakra of personal power.
  • The core arch magnet is directed towards the chakra of body functions.
  • The lower sole magnet is directed towards the chakra of body energy.

These magnets, exact acupoints about foot reflexology are the most specific feature of MindInSole. The placement of specialized chakra magnets improves the blood circulation, controls the energy of the body, and reduces stress and inflammation in the foot.

Pros and Cons of MindInSole


The major advantages of using MindInSole include:

  1. The magnets of MindInSole improve blood circulation and thus keep you in high energy levels.
  2. It relieves chronic joint pains and body pains.
  3. It keeps the feet cool as the structural design of MindInSole does not prevent the airflow. Hence, reduces feet sweating as well.
  4. It prevents the occurrence of sores on feet.
  5. It is a universal shoe insert that can be made fit for any size and any gender. The manufacturer provides the marks for easy cutting of the product to match your shoe size.
  6. It is made up of light-weight material and you will not feel its weight at all.
  7. It can be cleaned easily and does not require any specialized care.
  8. It keeps the feet dry and comfortable throughout any hectic day.
  9. It is cheaper than expensive acupuncture therapy sessions and saves your time as well.

MindInSole is a miracle product that keeps the feet healthy from outside and inside as well. Its persistent use does not create any problems with the feet. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the body and maintains the energy levels of the person. It has multi-dimensional benefits.


Although MindInSole has multiple benefits, the following points should be taken care of:

  1. It is not comfortable to wear when you have a habit of wearing socks every time.
  2. It does not work specifically for a single foot problem.
  3. The results are not as interesting in case you are suffering from some other ailments as well.
  4. It is not suitable to wear MindInSole at magnetic sensitive areas like CT Scan centers, X-Ray centers, etc.
  5. It is mandatory to cut the MindInSole so that it can fit your size, but by doing so, you lose access to the warranty services of the product.

Why MindInSole?

MindInSole is a must for everyone who spends most of their time spending only. In addition to that, athletes who have to run longer distances, patients suffering from chronic illnesses, specific professionals like floor managers, teachers, etc. can benefit themselves by using MindInSole.

You can do every type of movement like running, walking, playing games, etc. while wearing MindInSole as it does not takes much space in your shoes or bellies and you can proceed for your day without even noticing it.

The benefits of MindInSole are unmatchable against its competitors. It uses the power of magnets and acupuncture to relieve the body naturally. There is no harmful chemical side effect of using the product. The universal size for all and made up of high-quality breathable material makes it a top choice.

How does it work?

The carefully crafted design of MindInSole that takes technology and ancient medical knowledge hand in hand is the secret for its effortless working.

It has around 400 raised nodules in different sizes that are termed as acupoints. These use the basics of Chinese ancient medicine in which people used to get rated by placing needles over specific points in their body. These acupoints create the same pressure at the specific points on the feet and thus stimulated the energy fields in the body.

It works on the same principle as that of acupressure and relieves the body from back and leg pains. It prevents the occurrence of soreness and thus eliminates the pain.

The magnets of MindInSole provide natural cooling to the body as it pulls the heat from the feet and produces soothing magnetic fields. You will see yourself feeling more relaxed and calm after walking with MindInSole.

Rating and Reviews:

MindInSole manages to achieve a 5-star rating based on of its relaxing and pain-alleviating properties.

One customer testifies that the product delivers the best results when he used it to treat chronic pains arising due to knee replacement surgery. He feels more comfortable to walk now.

Another customer terms MindInSole as a boon for hospitality staff. She had problems in doing her daily chore early mornings. Thanks to MindInSole she feels “normal” now.

The other user of MindInSole terms it as a “mini massage parlor” that is with him throughout the day.

MindInSole Price:

MindInSole is heavy on pains but is light on your pocket. It is priced at $38.99 but under a special discount, a single pair of MindInSole will cost you $33.99 only.

If you want to by MindInSole in bulk, you can get 2 pairs at $66.99 only. The 3 pair pack of MindInSole will cost you $84.99 while 4 pairs pack will cost you $135.99 only. Further, the company offers special discounts for each buy of MindInSole pair.

Where to Buy?

It is advised to buy MindInSole from its official website only to protect you from cheap counterfeit products. The company provides a 50% discount as a promotional offer and deals for bulk buying as well. In addition to the offers on bulk buying, the manufacturer offers 30-days money-back guarantees in MindInSole, just in case you are not satisfied with its results.


MindInSole can be safely concluded as a good product that aims to improve your foot health that in turn improves the overall body health. Anyone can use MindInSole. All you need to do is to place it in your shoes and start feeling relaxed and calm. Grab a one for you now!

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