Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

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Do you know that more than 85% of people between the ages of 11-25 years face acne problems? This is the age group that is the major customer of the weed industry. Maybe the first-timers that take wed under peer pressure or the ones that smoke weed as an anti-depressant, there is no justification for the intake of cannabis.

Smoking weed:

Do you know that the use of marijuana as a drug dates back to 2500 years ago? Smoking weed causes irreparable damages to our lungs and causes as much as 4 times more tar than smoking tobacco products. It has adverse effects on the mouth, respiratory system, mental health, and is a habitual- forming drug.

Link to Acne:

There is no direct link between smoking weed to the acne. However, the reasons to start on cannabis and its aftereffects can be blamed for the same.

When you already have acne:

Around 90% of persons who are habitual to weed started during their teenage only. At teenage, most of us have acne problems due to the onset of the production of sexual hormones in our body. If you are already having acne and you are smoking weed, chances are high that you will start blaming the weed for acne growth.

When you are depressed and smoke weed:

Most of the people do not smoke weed for pleasure but consider it as an anti-depressant for them. You may have gone through a bad day at work, a fight with your partner or parents, or may have suffered some major loss in your business and you started on smoking weed.

The actual reason that lies hidden is that it is the frustration that causes high-stress levels that are one of the major reasons that promote acne in our body. Our skin will reflect the feelings of our bodies. A healthy and shining skin reflects the high levels of internal health. A dry or acne filled skin needs immediate attention to your body health.

Smoking weed increases appetite:

You may feel hungry after having a smoking session of weed. This may lead to the intake of sugar-rich or carbohydrates-rich diet that promotes the production of sebum that is not good for skin health and causes acne.

Smoking weed creates hormonal imbalance:

Smoking weed has adverse effects on our mind and body. Starting from our nervous system to the respiratory system, from basic functions to hormone secretion, it has a bad impact on our body. Hormonal imbalance is one of the major reasons for acne.


It can be safely concluded that there is no scientific evidence that states that smoking weed causes acne directly. However, certain points revolve around the smoking of weed that may or may not be linked to the exaggerated acne development. On the second front, Marijuana can’t be regarded as a self-curing medicine and smoking it can never be justified. You can control the acne in your body but can’t control the irreparable damage of smoking weed.

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