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By Barbara Forrest

On Thursday, April 28, Zack Kopplin will hold a rally at the Capitol in Baton Rouge in support of SB 70, a bill sponsored by Senator Karen Carter Peterson (thank you Senator Peterson!) to repeal the creationist Louisiana Science Education Act, which was passed in 2008. Zack has a Facebook page with information about the rally, and he has information about the repeal effort at On April 22, Zack was interviewed by WBRZ in Baton Rouge. This young man is doing what every responsible adult in the state of Louisiana should be doing — petitioning the legislature to correct the mistake they made in 2008 by letting themselves be cowed by the threat of political hardball by the Louisiana Family Forum.

The legislative session begins on Monday, April 25. Zack and the Louisiana Coalition for Science are asking concerned citizens to begin calling members of the Senate Education Committee NOW and urge them to vote SB 70 out of committee.  Let’s send this bill out for an “up or down” vote in 2011, as the committee did with SB 733 in 2008. That’s only fair, right? Then call your respective House and Senate members and urge them to support SB 70.

We also need people to turn out for the rally on April 28. Take an early lunch break if you live in Baton Rouge and run down to the Capitol. Bring friends and supporters. There will be a table in the lobby of the Capitol, and concerned citizens can personally lobby their elected representatives while they are there. Lobbying will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We are also asking organizations in Louisiana to adopt resolutions or sign petitions, which we have made available here for convenience, scan them, and pdf them back to us via e-mail, and we will make sure that they are distributed to legislators. Citizens can also catch up on the news about the repeal effort here.

Zack has done the heavy lifting in this effort. He has sacrificed his time and energy to do what the adults should have done in 2008 and should be doing now. He has obtained the support of 42 of the leading lights of the scientific world — 42 Nobel Prize winners.

The Louisiana Coalition for Science has helped by providing information and resources. The ball is now in your court, fellow citizens.


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