Request to Louisiana readers: If you like the posts on this website, please consider sharing them with as many people as possible, including your elected officials, science teacher friends, school administrators, school board members, media contacts, etc. Please don’t spam; be considerate and send them only to people whom you think will benefit from them. But we need people right now to contact their representatives on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and ask them (nicely!) to do the right thing and vote to accept the ALREADY APPROVED biology textbooks on December 7, 2010.

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By Barbara Forrest

So much bad publicity spins out of Louisiana about so many things that we don’t often get a chance to shine a spotlight on the competent, dedicated people who are the real reason that this state works at all. And since Thanksgiving is almost here, it is a good time to tell the world that Louisiana has intelligent, accomplished, dedicated citizens, teachers, scientists — and students! — who are trying to stop the damage that the Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) and their allies are doing to Louisiana science education. Several of Louisiana’s finest testified on November 12, 2010, in favor of accepting the biology textbooks that had already been approved by the Louisiana Textbook Review Committee.

Here are the names of the people who have given their permission to be publicly recognized for their testimony at the November 12 meeting of the Louisiana Textbook/Media/Library Advisory Council. As others give permission, their names will be added to the list. Here, listed in alphabetical order, are some of the people to whom those of us who value public schools and good science education owe a debt of gratitude. (Affiliations are provided for identification only.)

  1. Dr. Ian Binns, Assistant Professor of Science Education, Louisiana State University (LSU)
  2. Dr. Kevin Carman, Dean, College of Science, LSU
  3. Dr. Bryan Carstens, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, LSU
  4. Dr. Jeffrey Gimble, scientist and parent
  5. Zachary Kopplin, senior at Baton Rouge Magnet High School and leader of the effort to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act — bless his sweet little heart. (See
  6. Adrienne Lopez, K-12 Outreach Coordinator, Dept. of  Biological Sciences, LSU
  7. Patsye Peebles, co-founder of Louisiana Coalition for Science and retired high school biology teacher (University Lab School, LSU)
  8. Brad Wood, LSU undergraduate in both biology and philosophy!
  9. Tammy Wood, teacher and Brad’s proud mom!

We will return very shortly to our usual fare on this website. There is much to tell you (unfortunately). But as Thanksgiving approaches, let us all be thankful to these fellow citizens who stepped up when we needed them and who will continue to work on behalf of the young people of Louisiana. Give them a well-deserved (virtual) round of applause. And then contact your BESE representatives to request that they approve the textbooks on December 7 so that our teachers can get on with the business of educating our students. Do it now. (And please remember to be polite!)


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