By Barbara Forrest

Bookmark and Share The new school year is just getting under way in Louisiana, and we have already flunked. Just as predicted here last year, negative fallout continues to accumulate from the legislature’s passage and Gov. Jindal’s signing of the 2008 Louisiana Science Education Act. First, in February of this year, the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology announced that, because of Gov. Jindal’s signing the LSEA — despite pleas from scientists and concerned citizens around the state and the nation that he veto it — SICB will hold no more meetings in Louisiana while the law is on the books. (See LCFS’s response to this news.) Now, because of the passage of this creationist law and the subsequent gutting of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education policy that implements it, a survey of state science standards in the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach gives Louisiana an F. Continue Reading »